Title - Requirements for self-driving guidance software: a discussion of alternatives
     Moderator - David Gelperin,
     Date - Monday, March 19th 2018
     Location - Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
     Deadline for early registration - Monday, February 26th 2018
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  • To identify major hazards in the current competitive approach
  • To explore safer approaches
  • To identify tactics for raising awareness of safer approaches by vehicle manufacturers and roadway regulators


  • 1/2 day group discussion captured by a scribe.
  • Breakout sessions, if too many attendees, on topics identified by the group.
  • Reports on discussion topics, proposals, and conclusions will be posted on this site.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Moderator task description
  2. Quick attendee introductions
  3. Agenda modifications
  4. Position statements (3-5 minutes) by attendees
  5. Discuss and record "facts" and assumptions about current competitive approach
  6. Identify agreements and disagreements
  7. Discuss and record safer approaches and recommendations
  8. Discuss and record awareness raising tactics

      If you plan to attend, please notify the moderator by January 15th. Thanks

      Please alert friends and colleagues who might be interested in attending.